300 words

januari 1st, 2006

300 words of confusion:

“on a long enough timeline, the surviving rate of everyone drops to zero” fightclub of Chuck  Palahniuk (book) / David Fyncher (film). We manipulate, design and develop to get futher in our civilation. We know how the DNA works and we want to clone, it will resulte in perfect human beings. They will have DNA which are equal to each other and this will end up with inbreed. We plant chips or make machinehumans, cyborgs, to stretch our lifes. We can digitice the mind of men so we can get rid of our bodies. We will be virtuale or mechanical, this will erase all the informations we get from our hormons, oderals, skin and all the things which makes us human. Therefor we will be replaced by the “super” human and the old spieces will be kept as a second class human.

We will become a perfect slave of our technology, but we can travel futher into space our explore our oceans deeper. We have too because our earth will be gone in 5 bilion years or a meteor must hit us earlier.

In a way we have no choice. But can we make the technology more human, more controlable? Also incontrolable things make us creative and we need feelings and senses for that capability. We should have technology that interacts with our main brain, instand we are more adusting to the technology. Our spiritual side is slowly disappearing just like our nature. We are getting more stressed, our bio-mechanicale body is running out of energy.

Technology can also be used against us or develop a defence against humans. The consiouness of the machine is predicted in the year 2050. The machine will be able to think and act with the input of it’s surroundings. Even the people who develop this “mind” have doubts but “if it is possible than it will be used or done”. Humans don’t like laws to put a hold to it. Therefor technology is a reflection of the human nature, eat or be eaten.

Don’t worry we are never ment to be here at all. The purpose of our being, is as unsure as the goals we have ahead. We will be erased on a moment in time and time is not a factor according to quantum fycisists. What was before the big bang and does the galaxy endlessly extend, what are black holes, are they wurmholes to travel from one galaxy to another? Then there is the question about unnessecary death or nessecary death?  It all depants on the viewpoints. Every death is useless through the eyes of the lifing relatives, but in in the eyes of the evolution it’s the contrary. Evolution is improvement and old living things can never be improved so they have to be replaced. Death terminates the bad elements. So death has a use. Before we create, we have to distroy.

The one science is the product of all individual sciences. All the past science activities are linked to one another, because they excist in the same space and time, with the same nature laws. In fact their will be only one. That one combines all the others, the fragments make a whole new answer. Art and science combines the emotional with the rational. Feelings will become constructive elements in science. And science becomes more emotional and unpredictable. Artificial intelligent is an emotional constructive element. And were will be god in all those things.

Religion is an illusion, a context for rules and laws to control a society. What was there before any form of religion? We need a law to control the primitive emotions but when we are more evolved we are more aware of our mind, maybe then it’s possible to have none of those forced divine thoughts.

The art is losing it’s beauty, because beauty is no longer necessary to underline. The beauty lies beneed the surface of the work. This is a new era in creating and thinking. The next question will be; why are we creating new work, can’t we not just write things or thoughts down? We want to see and feel by putting emotions on display. Things are a metafore to show and let us feel at the same time and place. Our society is also more visual then ever and the visuals are more and more easier to produce. We are getting a overproduction of visuals, at the end we don’t want to watch anything anymore.


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