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januari 18th, 2019

I remember

jaar: 2020
Techniek: art installation picture
Materiaal: sky

september 10th, 2020

Rain ing


augustus 21st, 2020

the Butterfly effect

jaar: 2020
Techniek: art installation
Materiaal: speakers, water, drum


How can a small thing have a big impact. The butterfly effect. This is an artsoundwork. One small drip falls down from a great hight and causes a explosion of sound. The nothing sound becomes a “no escape sound”. How small things do matter.

augustus 18th, 2020

Do you amass minds

Jaar: 2020
Techniek: installation painting
Materiaal: oilpastel, canvas, drone

augustus 12th, 2020

Cloud between

Jaar: 2020
Techniek: installation and picture
Materiaal: surroundings

juli 4th, 2020

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