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januari 18th, 2019

Run you Over

ar: 2019
Techniek: art installation
Materiaal: eletro engine, globes

9 globe with engines on a floor. The globe will turned around by the engines. The spinning of the globes stand for speed, for the pressure of speed and thing that go on.

januari 18th, 2019

mobile meeting centre

jaar: 2019
Techniek: architecture-installatie
Materiaal: aluminium, glas, etc

A mobile architecturale plan for squars and public spaces. Complete with energy supply and sanitair. You can push the parts within each other and make the room bigger or smaller.

front & right elevation

januari 3rd, 2019

Brand a Car

jaar: 2018
Techniek: installation
Materiaal: autokarkas


status becomes a burn out factor.

december 31st, 2018


jaar: 2018
Techniek: installation
Materiaal: windmachine, silk


The wind just pushed me this way.

november 18th, 2018

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