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januari 18th, 2019

blue & line

jaar: 2019
Techniek:  installation painting
Materiaal: fabrics, oilpaint and canvas

december 1st, 2019

Succes is a Balloon

jaar: 2019
Techniek: art installation
Materiaal: balloon

You work towards your goal and presents it. Then it’s tension is away.

december 1st, 2019

Wasted Land

jaar: 2019
Techniek: art installation
Materiaal: eletro engine, artificial ball, weels, metal

a 2 metre big ball, load with plastic wast is standing on a console of weels. In the middle is a engine placed, which makes the ball move around. The action is activated by the visitors of this work. Watch the world tumble in wast of our wishdom and progress.

3d view

november 17th, 2019

Do you know your mind

jaar: 2019
Techniek: installation
Materiaal: canvas, oilstick, scalpel


Ask yourself if you know yourself.

100x100x3 canvas installation

september 22nd, 2019


jaar: 2019
Techniek: art installation
Materiaal: windmachine & umbrella’s

augustus 16th, 2019

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