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Jaar: 2024
Techniek installations
Materiaal: magnets, iron, transformators, speakers, contactmics

We are electric, our world is electric, our existance is electric.

februari 1st, 2024


Jaar: 2023
Techniek installation
Materiaal: aluminium, electronics, motoren, time switches

Order and chaos. Individual or collective. Where do you want to go?

A life is never a straight line, we move towards a point were we would like to be. Along the road of our goal, we get interrupted by events of causality. We get out of balance or our lines become disrupted or they desintergrate. It is a continuous journey marked by twists and turns, successes and failures, and unexpected events that challenge our equilibrium.

Fibrations represent the intricate patterns of change and disruption that we experience individually and collectively.

Times change and opinions change, right becomes wrong and wrong becomes right. This work is a work of interaction, of lines or patrons. The signs of change are the fibriations that will happen in time. Sometimes the changes are easy and sometimes they are not. The fibrations change the situation our state of mind and being. Like our monecules and cell move in our body, that make us change. The effects of our habitat, time will re-order. Movement is the 5th dimension after time the 4th dimension.

Lifes with many changes are full of stories and make impact on the soul. In this ever-changing world, where disruptions are inevitable, embracing the fibrations of life with an open mind and a resilient spirit can lead to profound personal and collective growth.

september 25th, 2023

S.O.L. (Sound Of Light)

Jaar: 2023
Techniek installation
Materiaal: cupper, iron, highvoltage, hornspeakers

april 30th, 2023

I never let it on

Jaar: 2022
Techniek: installationpainting
Materiaal: canvas, lightball

januari 29th, 2022

God is empty, The sound of light

Jaar: 2021
Techniek: installation
Materiaal: ampliers, steel, motion sensors, TL , speakers

light of believe but what believe is fading and replaced with thunder. The light is fading, all what was is changing.

januari 17th, 2022

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