Nobody is Free

Jaar: 2021
Techniek: installation painting
Materiaal: oilpastel, canvas, money

maart 13th, 2021

God is empty 3

Jaar: 2021
Techniek: installation
Materiaal: TL lighting, inter active switches


The lights go on for a moment and then switch off. It seems that it works not well, but the fact is that is moment of the total time of the universe.

maart 7th, 2021

Which Truth Matters

Jaar: 2020
Techniek: installation painting
Materiaal: oilpastel, canvas, boek of religions

januari 10th, 2021

I remember

jaar: 2020
Techniek: art installation picture
Materiaal: sky

september 10th, 2020

Rain ing

augustus 21st, 2020

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