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jaar: 2020
Techniek: art installation
Materiaal: blowmachine, electronics etc.

Al blower are standing in a space in a grid. Each individual makes his own movements, like a fire of wind.

januari 22nd, 2020

Play D life

jaar: 2020
Techniek: art installation
Materiaal: modelaircraft engines, steel, electronics etc.

21 modelaircraft engines move at random forward and backward, left and right. Trying to pick the right road to the future. Moving air, breath life.

januari 17th, 2020

earth on fire

art: 2020
Techniek: art installation
Materiaal: gas, sedum, burners

Life and death, burning to create the new life. Or distroying the old world and habits. Every apacolyse means a smaller lifeform to rise.

januari 16th, 2020

Succes is a Balloon

jaar: 2019
Techniek: art installation
Materiaal: balloon

You work towards your goal and presents it. Then it’s tension is away.

december 1st, 2019

Run you Over

jaar: 2019
Techniek: art installation
Materiaal: eletro engine, globes

geexposeerd bij: Maker faire Eindhoven 2019, Het is mooier als er mensen in zitten (voormalige ABNAMRO bank Oosterbeek) 2019

9 globe with engines on a floor. The globe will turned around by the engines. The spinning of the globes stand for speed, for the pressure of speed and thing that go on.

The video is a registration of the work at the Eindhoven Maker Faire 2019
it’s about speed of science and technology that will overruns our lifes. Also it’s symbolic to the use of materials and resources of the earth. If we go on like this, we have to have more earths. that’s not possible so we need to re-use recycle rethink our products and productie of wast and energy.

expositie tijdens de Eindhoven Maker Faire 2019

januari 18th, 2019

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